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Short Term Rental Design

Design helps Air Bnb Owners and Investors maximize their potential earnings. First by gaining attraction and bookings through photos online. Air Bnb Listings have about five photo swipes to grab the attention of renters. 


We have a lot under construction and this page is no exception. We are busy uploading all the goods, and pretty pictures from years of projects ... so check back soon!

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We use data and creativity to design short term rental properties--transforming them into stunning, financial powerhouses. 

Hosts who invest in the design and amenities of their listings can potentially see a return on investment within the first year through increased bookings and rates.


Our Process

Let Us Design Your Vacation Rental


30 Minute Discovery Call

Let’s kick things off with some good old-fashioned convo! Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to get things started. We'll dig into your design style, vision, talk budgets, and make sure we're a good match!


Sit Back & Relax

Here’s where you hand over the reins and hit the chill button. We’re on it – curating, creating, and crafting your property into the ultimate retreat. While we work our design wizardry, you get to bask in the anticipation of the big ta-da!


Create a Pinterest Board

Time to pin away! Show us what makes your heart skip a beat in the world of design. This is where your vision comes to play, and we get a peek into your style soul. We'll use this board as inspo for your project. 


The Grand Reveal Party

Ready for the oohs and aahs? Invite your nearest and dearest to a reveal soiree where the curtain drops and your breathtaking space takes the spotlight. Think of it as your own mini red carpet event, complete with cheers, champagne, and probably a few happy dances!

Schedule Your Discovery Call

Our automated booking calendar is coming soon...

For now, please reach out to us at to get a call on the books!


Want the VIP Treatment?

Don't even lift a finger! We'll set up your property so its completely rental-ready. Towels, soaps, sheets – you name it!

What Our Clients Have Noticed

Increased Occupancy Rate

A well-designed property that stands out from the competition is more likely to have higher occupancy rates. According to Mashvisor, well-designed Airbnb properties can achieve occupancy rates of 70% or more.


Our clients have seen an increased ROI by embracing vacation rental design services that focus on  elevating guest experience and marketability. 


Design-driven enhancements not only reflect in a property's immediate revenue but also in its long-term brand value.

We Travel!

Pack your bags and bring CRU along for the design ride! We offer fun, fresh vacation rental design services across the nation. Wherever you are, we're there to create the perfect guest escape.


No matter where your short-term rental investment is, our design services are geared to help you maximize your ROI. With CRU, every property can become a standout success.

The Stats Don't Lie...

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